Monday, March 16, 2009

Comic Gazing at the American Indian Museum

Palace house guest and dear friend, Papa Raul, and Mothershiester spent Sunday afternoon at the American Indian Museum checking out their exhibit: Comic Art Indigene. The exhibit features comics and comic-inspired art centered around Native American culture and explorations of identity--including myths, sterotypes, as well as contemporary narratives.

There were several pieces of comic art by Native women that were featured. Below is a picture I took from a series by New Mexico artist, Rose Bean Simpson --Objectification: Seductive Woman with TV, Super Pueblo, Graffiti Artist, Lesbian Couple

Simpson's art style reminds me of the Hernandez Brothers' love and rockets comix. Here is a closer look at the lesbian couple in this series. very cute!!

As you all know, Gender Fatigue is ga-ga over comics. And despite the lack of respect comics get in the states as serious art forms, gender fatigue knows that comics are one of the most accessible and oldest art forms pre-dating written language, um yeah. It was also pretty inspiring for Mothershiester who will be taking illustration classes in April. Stay tune for her illustrations on this site in the late spring.

Word on the Papa Raul Grapevine: The next comic that gender fatigue should start reading is Black Lightning. A comic book about a superhero that takes on DC comics' chief executioner of justice, Superman. This character confronts superhero and ask the age old question, "Why aren't you dispensing your justice in the south side of metropolis?" riddling Superman with white guilt plus some kick ass dispensing of justice on his forgotten streets.

Mothershiester tried to buy a couple of issues this weekend but Big Monkies Comics on 14th street was sold out. Damn it! So give them a call and ask for more issues so that another comic character of color doesn't bite the dust. We know how it is.

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