Monday, May 18, 2009

Eating for the Apocalypse: Because you know food is gonna be scarce!

Spring is probably the best time to start integrating planting in your lifestyle. The frost is over. And the apocalypse is impending. Like we say over and over again, the key to surviving the apocalypse will most likely include finding reliable and healthy food sources! So where do we start? Start with growing your own because a grocery may not be your safest option if it's an option at all. It may take some time but it's fresher and cheaper to grow your own veggies, many times over. Below are some of the greens that are taking over our front yard! By the way, we're urban gardeners so don't let city living stop you.

And below are few of the herbs we are growing: mint and rosemary. I think that means we're having a mojito and rosemary bread summer.

A few weeks ago, Gender Fatigue had another amazing guest. Gail Taylor, a farmer at a community supported agricultural farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland called Clagett, came into the studio to talk about spring planting. For those who don't know, a CSA is a membership supported farm. So basically folks can buy a share and they are guaranteed a portion of that year's harvest every week for a certain amount of months.

If you're a novice, what do you need to start growing:

1. good seeds--we can go into the politics of genetic modification and patenting of seeds. But for right now, we're just looking to get any seeds that will allow us to grow something like lettuce or kale--greens are perfect to start with.
2. good soil--we've been composting for a couple of years so we have some really good soil but just go to a garden store or any place with soil to sell. Or you can contact us and we will share with you...maybe
3. water
4. A tool for digging

Okay, here's an inspirational video:

that's what i'm talking about!